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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Graham Wafer Cookies

Guys, just when you thought s'mores could not get any better... you are wrong. They can so totally be better. Have you ever tried s'mores made with Homemade Graham Wafer Cookies? Because if not, you are missing out!

Lari's Sweet Shoppe welcomes a new kind of cookie to the cookie menu: Introducing Homemade Graham Wafer Cookies!
These cookies are not your typical store-bought graham wafers, but have a wonderful hint of cinnamon and honey. They taste great all on their own, and even better dressed up with chocolate and marshmallows for a fancy-s'more treat.

Try some for your next s'more craving! You just might never buy those packaged graham crackers again.

Price: $10 for a dozen, $20 for 2 dozen. (This price does not include the chocolate coating, just the plain graham wafer. Chocolate may be added upon request.)

Happy S'more Building!
<3 Lari

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