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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Zucchini Orange Muffins

New Addition to the Muffin Menu!

Muffins are the best snack... EVER! They go well with tea too. Or with your morning coffee. Or right out of your backpack sneakily in school even though your teacher strictly enforces NO FOOD IN CLASS. (Worst rule ever, am I right?)

Anyways, these muffins have the awesome power of zucchini in them, as well as a lovely hint of orange zest which makes them so bright in flavour, and moist in crumb. They also come speckled with chocolate chips, which doesn't hurt either. If you would prefer nuts or raisins, or au-natural, your wish is our command.
$10 for a dozen, $15 for two dozen. Muffins rule!


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